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Issue Date: Vol. 51, No. 7, July 2011, Posted On: 7/7/2011

Happy & Healthy Launches Lúcuma-Mamey Sapote 'Superfruit' Bar

Tim Sanford
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Happy Healthy Fruitbar

BOCA RATON, FL -- New from Happy & Healthy Products Inc. is a frozen snack made with two related species of fruit, both popular in Central and South America. The Fruitfull Mamey-Sapote-Lúcuma Frozen Fruit Bar, prepared from purees of both fruits, is said to offer nutritional benefits as well as a novel, appealing flavor that has been compared to butterscotch, maple and dulce de leche.

Mamey sapote is widely used for ice cream, fruit bars, milkshakes and smoothies in many of the countries to which it's native, and lúcuma (sometimes locally called "lucmo") is used similarly in the southern tier of South American nations, Happy & Healthy Foods believes it is the first company to combine the two fruits to create a new flavor for frozen fruit bars in the United States.

The company, a national franchisor founded in 1991 by Linda Kamm, reports that lúcuma is often called "the new superfruit" because it contains high levels of beta carotene as well as niacin and other B vitamins. It also is low in acid and sugar and a good source of calcium and fiber.

Kamm, who serves as president of Happy & Healthy Products, explained that the company's research into new fruit flavors included a discussion with Juan Núñez, president of Whole Foods Markets' Florida division. He suggested the lúcuma from his native Chile.

"We discovered that it is the most popular flavor of ice cream in Chile, Argentina and Peru," she said, adding that it has something of a cult following among people familiar with the fruit, who seek it out in the United States. Mamey sapote, another recommended favorite flavor in Hispanic markets, completes the frozen novelty’s unique appeal.

Operators can contact Happy & Healthy Products national sales director Tabitha Locke at (561) 367-0739 to locate a franchisee from whom to purchase the product and learn about opportunities in areas not presently served by a franchise.

The company currently has distribution in 25 states, as well as Canada, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

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