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Issue Date: Vol. 54, No. 2, February 2014, Posted On: 1/21/2014

LAI's Piñata Redemption Game Offers Unique Bulk Vending Opportunity

Hank Schlesinger
TAGS: bulk vending, LAI Games, Piñata amusement game, coin-op machine, amusement device, virtual piñata, piñata video game, candy vending machine, skill-based candy vender, Jolly Ranchers, Mentos, hard confections, Allison Timberlake

bulk vending, LAI Piñata arcade game CARROLLTON, TX -- LAI Games' Piñata device rewards players with either tickets or candy. Players bash a hard rubber, sensor-laden truncated cone -- a conical frustum in geometry terms -- in an attempt to shatter the piñata in the 3D world pictured on a video display. These consist of seven unique environments and 28 individual animal-shaped piñatas.

While the game in ticket-redemption mode is a natural fit for amusement facilities, it also presents a new equipment option to bulk vendors when it operates as a skill-based candy vender for the "street."

Accurate and repeated hits break the virtual piñata, releasing real wrapped candy from a giant 4.5-sq.ft. product hopper. Candy payout volume, timing and other play features are operator programmable. LAI's proprietary onscreen programming menu allows operators to set the candy disbursement for each stage in order to reward good players with additional prizes. The manufacturer recommends the candy version game use individually wrapped sweets measuring about one square inch, like Jolly Ranchers, Mentos and similar hard confections.

Suggested price per play is $1.

"A lot of people liked Piñata when we showed it at the IAAPA Attractions Expo, and we got a lot of positive feedback for the candy version because it ties in so well with the piñata theme," said LAI's Allison Timberlake. "We think it's a good game for the street or FECs, and equally well suited for Latin and Anglo markets."

Piñata includes educational fun facts about the animals upon which the piñatas are modeled, accompanied by both English and Spanish voiceovers. It measures 50" wide by 46.4" deep by 82" high, and weighs 353 lbs.


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