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Coinstar Reduces Operations At Folz Vending’s Long Island Home
Issue: Vol. 48, No.1, January 2008

OCEANSIDE, NY (January 2008) — Coinstar Inc. (Bellevue, WA), a nationwide operator of vending, amusement and coin-counting equipment, has dramatically reduced the staff and functions of its Folz Vending Co. manufacturing plant and offices, located here on Long Island.

Author: Hank Schlesinger

Blame Banks, Unexpected Micropayment Growth For Delay Of Cashless Applications In Bulk Vending
Issue: Vol. 40, No. 11 / August 25, 2000 - September 24, 2000

U.S.A. (December 2007) — American operators are starting to look enviously at industry professionals in Europe and Canada, where the equivalent of a $2 bulk vend is commonplace. Many vendors have even expanded offerings to include products that retail for more than $4, and merchandise like licensed toys, which typically sell for 75¢ here, is now fetching $1 in Canada.

SuperPro Adds Certs Mints To Upmarket Bulk Program
Issue: Vol. 47, No.12, December 2007

CHICAGO (December 2007) — SuperPro Vending Group (Nixa, MO and Huntley, IL) has  added Certs breath mints from Cadbury Adams to its popular vending program. The new line was introduced at the National Automatic Merchandising Association National Expo here.

Author: Tim Sanford

White House’s Product Safety Plan Impacts Industries Relying On Imports
Issue: Vol. 47, No.12, December 2007

WASHINGTON, DC (December 2007) — Following a series of high-profile recalls of imported  consumer products that have included children’s toys and pet food, both the White House and Congress are preparing to take action.

VenDynamics’ ZuluComm Enables Operators To Provide Wireless ‘Hot Spots’ To Generate Added Location Revenue
Issue: Vol. 47, No.12, December 2007

SAN JOSE, CA— New from VenDynamics is a program that allows vending operators to install pay-for-use Wi-Fi “hot spots” in locations that have high-speed Internet connections. The company notes that retailers ranging from Starbucks to McDonald’s have enjoyed substantial success by offering customers access to the Internet over a high-speed wireless connection.

Author: Nick Montano

A&A Establishes In-House Testing Facility To Ensure Safety Of Bulk-Vended Products
Issue: Vol. 47, No.11, November 2007

COCKEYSVILLE, MD (November 2007) — A&A Global Industries has become the first supplier in the bulk vending industry to establish an in-house testing laboratory aimed at assuring that products meet or exceed regulatory child safety standards.

NBVA Exec Committee Meets In Las Vegas, Bylaws, Legislation, Convention Top Agenda
Issue: Vol. 47, No.11, November 2007

LAS VEGAS (November 2007) — An important change to the National Bulk Vendors Association structure was instituted during its recent executive committee meeting, which took place here in late September.

Bulk Industry Copes With Consumers’ Concerns About Vendible Product Safety, Regulations
Issue: Vol. 47, No.11, November 2007
U.S.A. (November 2007) — With recalls of both vended and retail products in the headlines, it’s safe to say that consumers may be a bit wary of certain categories of bulk vended merchandise, such as toy fashion accessories. How then does an operator regain the confidence of his locations and customers? This is a key question, particularly in the current consumer environment that has some retail analysts predicting a record number of clothing sales, in lieu of toys, for the upcoming holiday season.
Author: Hank Schlesinger

NBVA Exec Committee Meets In Las Vegas, Bylaws, Legislation, Convention Top Agenda
Issue: Vol. 47, No.11, November 2007

LAS VEGAS (November 2007) — An important change to the National Bulk Vendors Association structure was instituted during its recent executive committee meeting, which took place here in late September.

Author: Hank Schlesinger

L.M. Becker & Co. Launches ‘Parent’s Corner’ On Website
Issue: Vol. 47, No.10, October 2007
APPLETON, WI (October 2007) — In response to growing concerns about lead content in toys, a leading supplier of capsuled novelties for vending said it has added an “information for parents” section to its website.

Planners Predict Piqued Interest In Bulk Operators Super Show
Issue: Vol. 47, No. 9, September 2007
TIMONIUM, MD (September 2007) — Organizers of the fifth annual Bulk Operators Super Show are more than a little hopeful that this year’s event will be bigger and better than ever. Scheduled for October 4-6, the BOSS show returns to the Days Inn Hotel and Conference Center in Timonium, MD, which has played host to the show since its inception.

Calif. Lead Law Tightens Standard For Vendible Toys
Issue: Vol. 47, No. 9, September 2007
SACRAMENTO, CA (September 2007) — California has enacted the nation’s toughest safety standards for toys, which apply to capsuled novelties sold through bulk vending machines. The state’s new “Lead In Jewelry Law” will mandate civil penalties for anyone who manufactures, ships, sells or offers for sale children’s jewelry containing more than the specified amount of lead. The regulation is primarily geared toward retail stores and does not change rules already applicable to bulk vending operators.
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Hugs Not Drugs Vend Drive Aids Needy School Children
Issue: Vol. 47, No. 9, September 2007
LAKE WORTH, FL (September 2007) — Hugs Not Drugs, a charitable organization managed by south Florida’s Family Life International, announced plans for the national rollout of its Vending Backpack Giveaway Program. The program aims to donate backpacks filled with school supplies such as pencils, scissors and notebooks to underprivileged elementary school children whose families cannot afford such items.
Author: Larisa Jayne Shewczyk

Licensed Bulk Products Grow In Popularity, Operators Seek Added Value, Higher Prices
Issue: Vol. 47, No. 8, August 2007
U.S.A. (August 2007) — The popularity of licensed products, once thought to be a cyclical phenomenon in bulk vending, appears to have matured into an industry staple. It was not that long ago when licensed products in both the flat vendible and encapsulated merchandise segments came and went at regular intervals. At the time, some industry veterans attributed this cycle to what could best be described as a “bandwagon effect,” with suppliers following the lead of one or more successful product lines.

Poised For Growth, Coin Free Expands Office, Manufacturing And Server Space
Issue: Vol. 47, No. 7, July 2007
WINTER PARK, FL (July 2007) — Experiencing strong growth and anticipating that the trend will continue for the remainder of 2007, Coin Free has just completed a 3,000-sq.ft. expansion of its executive office and manufacturing facility here.

Vendomatic, Flatline Settle Hershey Trademark Lawsuit
Issue: Vol. 47, No. 6, June 2007
FREDERICK, MD (June 2007) — A lawsuit brought by The Hershey Co. against Vendomatic has been settled for an undisclosed amount. Believed to be the first of its kind in the bulk vending industry, the suit centered on copyright infringement regarding parody stickers that depicted the candymaker’s York Peppermint Patties as Dork Peppermint Patties. Unique to the case was the fact that the candymaker sued the operating company as well as manufacturer of the sticker.
Author: Hank Schlesinger

$1 Vends Gain Acceptance Among Patrons; Changeover Costs Deter Operator Progress
Issue: Vol. 47, No. 6, June 2007
U.S.A. (June 2007) — It is no secret the bulk vending industry is in a state of what is politely described as “transition.” Even as high-value, top-selling capsuled products become more difficult for suppliers and manufacturers to offer at traditional price points, operators are finding themselves squeezed by rising overhead costs. Even those in the industry who are not aggressively pursuing high price points and new equipment types agree that change is inevitable, eventually. It’s just a matter of timing.
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Global Trends Inspire Vend Product Designs Of Europe’s Cool Things
Issue: Vol. 47, No. 6, June 2007
LAS VEGAS (June 2007) — For those who may still harbor lingering illusions or doubts that bulk vending isn’t an international business, meet Jessica Gasperoni. A new exhibitor at the National Bulk Vendors Assocation trade show, Gasperoni and her line of premium licensed products garnered the attention of both American and international operators. Even as American suppliers and manufacturers continue to expand into Europe with merchandise and machines, Gasperoni is heading in the opposite direction by bringing her European style of vendible products and equipment to the U.S. through her company, Cool Things, a division of International Games Trade.
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Beaver, Cigarsolo Add ‘Kick’ To Concept Of Vendible Balls
Issue: Vol. 47, No. 5, May 2007
LAS VEGAS (May 2007) — Operators attending the recent NBVA convention here got a first look at a joint effort between Beaver Machine Corp. and Cigarsolo S.A. DE C.V. based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Called the Infla-Tu, Spanish for “you inflate,” the machine vends deflated rubber balls in 2.7-in. capsules and provides hardware that enables patrons to inflate the 8-in. diameter balls themselves.

NBVA Trade Show Yields Solid Sales For Exhibitors; Admission Policy Affects Nonmember Attendance
Issue: Vol. 47, No. 5, May 2007
LAS VEGAS (May 2007) — The 57th annual National Bulk Vendors Association convention and trade show last month can best be described as a “mixed bag.” Attendance numbers were somewhat off, with 516 total registrants this year, compared with last year’s 648. According to association officials, this was due in part to a new registration policy that eliminated the choice between a one-day or three-day pass for nonmembers. Under the new policy, nonmembers attending could only opt for a three-day pass, but could obtain membership for a modest additional charge. The event saw 122 nonmembers in attendance, compared with 268 in 2006.

Novelty Gumballs, Confectionery Products Promote 50¢ Pricing, Pique Patron Interest
Issue: Vol. 47, No. 5, May 2007
U.S.A. (May 2007) — Nothing is as simple as it used to be in bulk vending, including ball gum and confectionery products. Still considered the backbone of the industry largely because this segment offers the highest potential profit margins, operators now must choose their gum and candy selections with the same care they give to encapsulated merchandise. The name of the game is increasing sales, and the game is no longer a “no brainer.”

Bulk Vending Expert Suggests Practical Options To Rectify Premium Pricing
Issue: Vol. 47, No. 4, April 2007
APPLETON, WI — Peter Becker of What’s Up LLC is something of an expert when it comes to the topic of increasing vend prices. Several years ago, he helped pioneer the concept of premium merchandise as the industry transitioned to the 50¢ vend, and his firm introduced some of the first electronic items in non-mix varieties with its Blinky Rings product line...
Author: Hank Schlesinger

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Disgruntled Location Owner Tells Why Bulk Vending Equipment Isn’t Welcome At His Brooklyn, NY, Store
Issue: Vol. 47, No. 3, March 2007
BROOKLYN, NY — Most every operator has run into a location owner who doesn’t want a bulk vending machine in his or her store for any reason. In some cases, this is because these owners don’t feel bulk vending fits in with customers or decor, but other times this hostility toward the industry is based on a history of unpleasant experiences...

Operators And Suppliers Work To Establish Higher Vend Prices; New Products Are Key
Issue: Vol. 47, No. 2, February 2007
U.S.A. — Pricing is a tricky matter in bulk vending. While industry experts agree that prices of premium encapsulated products should move from 50¢ to 75¢ or $1, implementation of this strategy is causing consternation among operators and suppliers alike...

OK Rolls Out Bounce-A-Roo Equipped With Bill Acceptor
Issue: Vol. 47, No. 1, January 2007
SALT LAKE CITY — OK Manufacturing Inc., a leading provider of bulk-vending and prize-merchandising equipment, said its new bulk vender, tentatively called the Dollar-Bounce-A-Roo, is now available. The unit updates the firm’s standard Bounce-A-Roo vender with a bill acceptor...

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