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ParSal Vending Supply LLC Expands Office And Warehouse Space

Source: ParSal Vending Supply | Released Sept. 28, 2012

Growing popularity of the All American Chicken Machine prompts move into new building on Long Island

OCEANSIDE, New York, September 28, 2012 -- ParSal Vending Supply LLC has announced that it has moved into a larger facility on Long Island. The new building will provide the bulk vending company with enough room to keep pace with its expected growth over the next few years, according to ParSal president Frank Parisi.

ParSal Vending Supply manufactures and markets the All American Chicken Machine, a contemporary version of the classic animated vending machine that enjoyed immense popularity in the 1970s.

Its new offices and warehouse are located at 2 Neil Court, Oceanside, NY, 11572, just a stone's throw away from its longtime headquarters on West Oceanside Road.

Notwithstanding the need to plan for its forecasted growth, Parisi reports that the company's present demand for more space is just as urgent, "We now have room for needed offices, and we can even accommodate a suitable display of antique machines and related memorabilia to show off the rich history of bulk vending. And the new property has plenty of space to park outside the 'Folz' trailer, which was once used to deliver vending machine racks and products to locations around the country."

Oceanside was headquarters to the former Folz Vending Co., which held the title as the nation's largest and only national bulk vending company for decades, before it was acquired in 2003. And Long Island was once among the largest centers of bulk toy and capsule manufacturing. This connection to region's history is among the primary motivators behind ParSal's ambition to bring back manufacturing from China to the Long Island.

From the 1940s through the early 1970s, most manufacturers of charms and capsules were based on Long Island. The Eppy Charm Co. of Lynbrook, NY, was the largest of those factories. "Adele Tuchinsky was an employee of Eppy," Parisi recalled, "and there in 1954 she met a man who would become her husband, vending pioneer Roger Folz, who was an Eppy customer. They gave me my first gumball machine -- when I was born."

Parisi's family was involved in bulk vending and in 1973 acquired the Eppy Charm Co., renaming it Alper Industries. When the chicken vending machine arrived in the mid-1970s, Alper made the first molds for vendable eggs that could stay closed by themselves; before that, operators had to tape the two halves of each egg to keep it fastened.

Flash-forward to 2012: ParSal vending now occupies a space where Macman Enterprises, founded by bulk vending pioneer Manny Greenberg, made capsules and charms, and distributed vending machines and gum. Greenberg also operated in mom-and-pop and chain stores.

"My uncle used to go to this building in the 1960s to pick up toy rings and capsule toys for them," Parisi recalled. "One of Macman's most successful products was a Green Hornet cloth mask inspired by the 1966-1967 TV show."

With room to grow, there's nothing stopping the comeback of ParSal Vending Supply's All American Chicken Machine, which is now represented by almost two-dozen U.S. vending equipment distributors, including Betson Enterprises, the nation's largest coin machine dealer. The machine is also marketed internationally.

ParSal's animated vending machine is furnished with popular sports themes. It's styled after an athlete decked out with the trimmings of America's major sports (the cabinet, too), and spins in the machine's open interior atop hundreds of eggs. Five modern music tracks add to the chicken's charisma.

"Perhaps the bulk vending gods are shining down upon us and guided us to this new building," Parisi observed. "It's been a long road but we're finally here...Let it shine!"

Oceanside, NY-based ParSal Vending Supply LLC manufactures and markets the 21st-century version of the classic animated bulk vender, the All American Chicken Machine. The animated chicken, outfitted for a variety of popular sports, resides in a livelier environment than its ancestor. The sturdy steel cabinet has a compact 23" x 23" footprint, stands 55" high, and is equipped with flashing lights and a state-of-the-art sound system that plays not only modern music, but also custom chicken sounds. When a vend is initiated, the chicken rotates as part of an audiovisual performance. The All American Chicken Machine is sold worldwide. For more information, visit parsalvending.com.

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