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Issue Date: Vol. 53, No. 8, August 2013, Posted On: 7/22/2013

Team Play's Prize Hoops Conversion Kit Updates Legacy Stacker Games

Hank Schlesinger
TAGS: Team Play Inc., merchandiser conversion, LAI Games, Stacker machines, Prize Hoops basketball game, Stacker upgrade, coin machine, arcade game, prize vending machine, Geno Giuntoli

Team Play, Prize Hoops ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL -- New from Team Play Inc. is a merchandiser conversion kit designed to extend the earnings-life to LAI Games classic Stacker machines. Called Prize Hoops, the basketball-themed update makes use of the game's existing cabinetry and other original components to offer operators a cost-effective new game.

"To the best of my knowledge, this might be the first-ever kit that converts a merchandiser into a new game," said Team Play's Geno Giuntoli. "We've been the king of conversions for videos, with Police Trainer, Star Trek Voyager and Crossfire Maximum Paintball; and now we're bringing the kit concept to merchandisers."

Giuntoli emphasized that the introduction of a kit aimed at older Stacker machines is not a criticism of the game or the manufacturer. "Stacker is a great game," he said, "but it is 10 years old. We thought this was a good opportunity to take a perfectly good cabinet and turn it into a new piece with higher earning power."

The Prize Hoops kit includes a motherboard and I/O board, hard drive and power supply, a wiring harness and a 24" LCD monitor. Also supplied is a full graphics package, including side decals, a styrene marquee and interior cabinet graphics, plus a Lexan control panel overlay and marquee overlay. Team Play is also offering an optional topper resembling a basketball backboard with LED lights.

"We've designed it so that it is basically 'plug-and-play' installation," Giuntoli said. "The operator just opens the back of the unit, removes the Stacker monitor and associated electronics, and then slips in our LCD display and electronic game module. The LCD screen bolts into place in the existing mounting brackets; there's no drilling or wire splicing involved. The whole conversion can reasonably be done in an hour and a half."

One noteworthy change effected by the conversion is that the game now offers three categories of prize: small, medium and large. Giuntoli pointed out that this affords operators a wide range of size and value options, making it easier for them to stay within state-imposed limits of prize value where required. Game play also is available in both "percentaged" and "completely skill" versions.

Initial tests in locations where the Prize Hoops conversion kit replaced an older Stacker merchandiser show that the earnings improved appreciably, the company reported.

Giuntoli told VT that the Prize Hoops upgrade is the first in a planned series of sports-themed kits engineered for merchandisers. At present, the company has kits with football and soccer themes on the drawing boards.

Information may be had from Team Play by calling (847) 952-7533 or visiting teamplayinc.com.

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