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Issue Date: Vol. 56, No. 12, December 2016, Posted On: 12/13/2016

Speedy's One Stop Creates Single-Door Collection Solution For Racked-Configured Vending Machines

Nick Montano
TAGS: Speedy's One Stop Service, bulk vending machine stand, Patrick Williams, Marko Mladenovich, coin-op, bulk vending machine, bulk vending rack, bulk vending collection, coin door, Northwestern Super bulk machines

WOOD DALE, IL -- Imagine being able to collect a seven-head bulk vending rack by opening just one coin door. Namco USA Inc., an amusement machine operator, did. So it asked its sister company, Speedy's One Stop Service, to develop such a solution. Now, Speedy's is offering its one-door collection system to the entire industry.

Speedy's new bulk vender base funnels coins to a single cashbox at the bottom of the unit. The nationwide coin machine tech center initially designed the base to accommodate Northwestern's Super 80 and Super 60 heads. Installation involves cutting an opening in the foot of each machine that aligns with the openings in Speedy's piece, so coins can be directed to the track the leads to the cashbox.

Basically, Speedy's added a conventional game coindoor to a bulk machine stand; its design is made of wood, instead of steel, and positions the venders in the exact configuration, footprint and height as a traditional rack. It measures 34.75" wide, and is available in blue and red finishes.

Speedy's base also provides metering functions, offering two readouts: one for the top three machines and a second for the bottom four.

Speedy's One Stop Service, bulk vending machine stand
TRADITIONAL AND TIME-CONSUMING: Speedy's Patrick Williams demonstrates the removal of a Northwestern Super 80 capsule head. Before Speedy's single-coindoor solution, machines on bulk racks had to be collected individually by removing the product globe.

Namco was looking for a way to expedite its bulk collections and reporting. This task traditionally is done while refilling the vender, which requires, on a multiunit rack, removing each head separately to access the cashbox. Of course, each head needs to be removed when restocking product.

"We came up with a 'speedy' solution for busy bulk operations," said Marko Mladenovich, Speedy's customer service manager. "Often, only collections -- not fills -- are needed at certain stops and times, and opening one door to access a single, secure cashbox is considerably faster than removing seven separate heads."

Speedy's One Stop Repair Service was established more than four decades ago by Namco USA to repair its own equipment. Speedy's subsequently expanded its services, including board-level repair on most amusement devices and brands, to coin-op distributors, route operators and family entertainment centers. It is based in Wood Dale, IL, and online at sosrepairservice.com. Information on Speedy's bulk vender stand can be had by calling (630) 238-2229.

Speedy's One Stop Service, bulk vending machine stand, Patrick Williams, Marko Mladenovich
SINGLE-DOOR SOLUTION: Speedy's Patrick Williams and Marko Mladenovich show off bulk vender base that can drop coins from multiple heads into a single cashbox behind a secure door. Speedy's bulk vender base is on display here at the recent IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, FL.

Topic: Bulk Vending

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