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Issue Date: Vol. 43, No. 5 / May 25, 2003 - June 24, 2003, Posted On: 5/26/2003

Global Gumball Rolls Out 'Wonder Wizard' Vender

Hank Schlesinger

Arizona - Global Gumball, one of the leading names in spiral bulk venders, has pulled the wraps off its latest innovation. "Wonder Wizard" joins the company's classic spirals, which includes "Wiz Kid," "Gumball Wizard" and "Gumball Mega Wizard."  While similar in vend concept to the firm's past ground-breaking entries into the market, the new machine differs in style and product pricing.

Similar to the proven design that company helped establish as a bulk vending staple, the new machine substitutes a series of zig-zag steps for the familiar spiral running down its center column. Designed to vend over-sized high-bounce balls, ranging in size from 49mm to 60mm, the new unit can be set for vend prices from 50 to $1.

"The reason we came out with the 'Wonder Wizard' is that the dollar vend is getting very popular and the natural way to go was with the high-bounce balls," said Global Gumball's Dave Haymond. "But the machine will also vend capsules or gumballs in the 49mm to 60mm size range."

Measuring 48 ins. tall with a 16-in. metal base and 18-in. globe, the new machine weighs in at just 40 lbs. The large capacity globe can accommodate up to 465 49mm or 380 60mm balls.

Among the "Wonder Wizard's" many features is the use of "edge glow" acrylic plastic in the zig-zag steps down which the product travels. The unique plastic captures ambient light and directs it to the edges to provide the eye-catching appearance of a neon light. Viewed from even a short distance, the glowing effect of the descending ramps appears to be electrified.

"Wonder Wizard's" body is molded using a unique rotational, or "roto," molding technique. By employing this new molding method, the powdered plastic is sealed into a mold and then heated as the mold turns. The combination of heat, which liquifies the plastic, and rotational movement forms an even coat on the mold to provide a smooth finish. It also allows manufacturers to mold more complex shapes than with injection molding.

The rotational molding technique, according to company officials, also results in a sturdier body than can be accomplished via traditional injection molding.

The "Wonder Wizard," Haymond reported, produced an excellent response during the National Bulk Vendors Association show where it was introduced to the trade.

Global Gumball is based at 1766 S. Fraser Dr. Mesa, AZ 85204; tel. (480) 497-4364 or (888) A-WIZARD.

Topic: Bulk Vending

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