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Issue Date: Vol. 43, No. 12, December 2003, Posted On: 11/30/2003

Dec. 1, 2003: JVL Offers $250 Rebate; Latest 'Stinger Report': More Signs Of Video Comeback; Sammy Targets SNK Library; Sega 2004 Lineup Looks Strong


TORONTO -- JVL Corp. launched a rebate program in mid-November that will give operators $250 back on every new 'Conquest' touchscreen countertop purchased until Jan. 31, 2004. The product features JVL's new "iTouch6" game library and includes 12 new games, 15 revamped games and connectivity to "iTouchnet." To obtain the rebate, operators need only submit a completed claim form along with proof of purchase (copy of their invoice) that shows the serial number, date of purchase and contact information, and JVL will cut them a check. "We felt this rebate is timely and coincides nicely with the release of 'iTouch6,'" said CEO Peter Guterres, who pointed out that "Conquest" was competitively priced to begin with. Visit http://www.jvl-ent.com/ to download the claim submission form and read full offer details.





The Nov. 25 edition of The Stinger Report by Kevin Williams launched Nov. 24 by e-mail and posted to http://www.thestingerreport.com/. Full details may be obtained by subscribers. Key highlights include the following stories. Video comeback seen: financial data reveals rising profitability of coin-op video for five leading Japanese manufacturers, even while sales of consumer consoles are slowing worldwide (and this latter trend is accompanied by major losses for leading consumer publishers like Midway and Atari/Infogrames). Well-placed financial experts predict a weakening of consoles sales overall until the next generation of hardware platforms is launched (which may be 2005 or later). The TSR examines several factors suggesting an arcade video revival could be in the wings.



The Stinger Report confirms plans by Sammy Corp. to acquire prominent intellectual properties from SNK-Playmore. Citing exclusive sources, TSR says the purchased game titles and software would run exclusively on Sammy's 'AtomisWave' system platform and would support an initial joint project expected for 2004. Meanwhile, TSR portrays SNK-Playmore as "licking its wounds" from the collapse of its lawsuit against Aruze. Major changes in Sammy's European presence are also discussed.



The final Sega Private Show for 2003 provides a glimpse at 2004's new line-up. TSR reveals the latest skateboarding race game; a Mah-Jongg-themed release for Asia; and the second revision to the highly popular driver "Initial D: Arcade Stage 3." TSR also provides a detailed evaluation of Sega's change in fortunes, explaining why "Sega could be the first manufacturer to start the march back to video amusement with a vengeance." In another bulletin, TSR features examine the latest developments in Britain's controversy over "fixed odds" betting terminals.



A special feature in the Nov. 25 edition of TSR reveals changes in player incentives to play more, based on the growing use of smart cards and online tournaments. According to The Stinger: "When operators use smart cards to track a player's habits, it creates powerful new ways to draw back the audience. Las Vegas has long done this to stimulate customer loyalty among its gamblers; now the amusements industry is (finally) beginning to follow suit." TSR provides a comprehensive history of smart card use in the coin-operated video game market, and also glances ahead to the day when cashless systems become a key element in the pay-to-play amusement world. To read the full version of The Stinger Report, as well to access as a vast archive of coin-op amusement information, visit http://www.thestingerreport.com/.


The material here is from "Ahead of the Times, VT Music & Games," an electronic supplement that instantly delivers the latest news in the coin-op music and games industry. If you would like to receive Ahead of the Times by e-mail, or know someone who would, send a request along with the recipient's e-mail address and company name to alicia@vendingtimes.net ; Subject: "SUBSCRIBE: AHEAD OF THE TIMES MUSIC & GAMES." Subscriptions to the newsletter may only be requested by e-mail. Your request may not be fulfilled if the subject line field is incorrect or incomplete

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