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Issue Date: Vol. 52, No. 2, February 2012, Posted On: 2/7/2012

Brand Unveils Dual-Role Tung Toos: Candy Plus Oral Ornamentation

Nick Montano
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Brand Tung Toos

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- Now available from Brand Vending Products are Tung Toos, a novel fusion of candy and ephemeral body art. Tung Toos have been very successful in the retail channel, Brand reported.

Sold as a 2" capsule item (suggested 50¢ vend), Tung Toos build on the discovery -- made by every generation of children, always with surprise and delight -- that certain foodstuffs impart a vivid temporary color to the partaker's tongue. Tung Toos are compounded of such foodstuffs, shaped to apply that vivid color in a decorative pattern about 1.5" across. The image lasts approximately as long as the burst of flavor from the candy.

The initial release includes 40 designs -- for both girls and boys -- in eight assorted flavors including lemon, strawberry, watermelon, blue raspberry, sour green apple and cherry. Designs for boys include sports and military themes, insects and science fiction artwork; the girls- themed lineup offers designs featuring cute animals, flowers and flirty expressions.

Brand's Craig Goodman explained that the Tung tattoo is "the perfect combination for kids to get their mouths watering: a temporary tat that goes on the tongue, compounded with candy taste."

Tung Toos are manufactured in the U.S. Information may be had by calling Brand Vending Products at (800) 967-3048.

Topic: Bulk Vending

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