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Issue Date: Vol. 51, No. 4, April 2011, Posted On: 4/27/2011

QuadAir: Barron Games' New Hockey Table

Hank Schlesinger
Barron Games, Kelly McKee, air hockey, QuadAir air hockey table, coin-op game, arcade game, coin-op air hockey, amusement business, family entertainment center, FEC


BUFFALO, NY -- Barron Games International is amplifying the air hockey experience with its new QuadAir table. Intended as a centerpiece for FECs, QuadAir allows simultaneous four-player competition.

The game, according to company officials, not only heightens offensive and defensive play as four pucks fly around the table at once, but it also offers faster and extended gameplay.

At the start of gameplay, each player receives five “lives” as indicated by LED lights in front of their goal. A light turns off as each goal is scored against a player. When all the lights are off, the goal’s gate rises, eliminating the player from the game until additional credits are bought.

“It’s a new way of playing the game,” said Barron’s Kelly McKee. “Instead of being primarily an offensive game in which a player is trying to score against another player, you’re defending your goal just as much. So there’s also a strong defensive aspect to it. It’s basically last man standing, but there’s a strong incentive to stay in the game. The intention of the game is to keep the game going for continuous play.”

The new air hockey table, McKee added, works very well when two patrons begin playing and others join the action, which they can do at any time.

The square QuadAir measures 78” x 78” and weighs 355 lbs. The table boasts a sturdy aluminum body and scratch-resistant polycarbonate playfield. It is outfitted with base wheels for convenient mobility.

Other QuadAir features include adjustable sound effects, which play when the puck hits the side of the playfield; a lit center timer; playfield chase lights; and a USB drive mounted onto the circuit board, which allows operators to program attract mode music and advertising content. It ships from the factory with four coin mechs (one for each player station); bill acceptors are available as options. 
Baron Games is based in Buffalo, NY, and online at barrongames.com. More information can be had by calling (716) 866-0054.

Topic: Music and Games Features

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