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Issue Date: Vol. 49, No.4, April 2009, Posted On: 4/17/2009

It's Back! Lawn Darts Joins Target Toss Pro Series

Larisa Jayne Shewczyk
Coin-Op, Vending, Vending Machine, Automated Retailing, Videogame, Arcade, Amusements, Jukebox, Pinball, Bar Game, Incredible Technologies, Golden Tee, Target Toss Pro, Lawn Darts, Beanbag

Banned for 21 years, the world's deadliest backyard game is making a comeback–in coin-op venues. Lawn Darts is the latest installment in Incredible Technologies' Target Toss Pro videogame series, which launched two years ago with Bags, a simulation of the popular beanbag toss game.

Following on the heels Bags, which was recently spun off into a home version for the Wii, Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts takes the classic yard game of flinging finned javelins and puts it into trackball form. The optional Raw Talk audio feature provides racy (maybe tasteless by some standards) commentary with each shot; operators and players can disable the uncensored mode.

Lawn Darts is available as an update to existing Target Toss games, adding four menu choices: Classic Lawn Darts, 501, Cricket and Poker Darts. The whole series is also available in IT's showpiece pedestal cabinets. The line is designed for offline operation and games come factory-set at $1 a play. Both toss games support up to 16 players, and offer various team and tournament options.

Lawn darts, also known as Jarts or yard darts, was banned in 1988 in the U.S. and Canada following several impaling accidents. The object of the game was similar to both horseshoes and darts: It was played by heaving foot-long javelins with aerodynamic fins into the air and aiming for a target, usually a plastic ring, on the ground.

IT says its spike-free adaptation is 100% safe, unless coin-op customers have an aversion to profanity. When scripting voiceovers for Lawn Darts, IT said its designers found inspiration in fond memories of family gatherings of past – "a heady mix of barbeque, Budweiser and the awe-inspiring expletives of beer-soaked Uncle Bill."

The game's uncensored Raw Talk option, delivered by Uncle Bill, spews adult-oriented epithets with every shot. It notes that authentic commentary is one of its hallmarks. Golden Tee features the voices of sportscaster Jim Nantz and golf legend Peter Jacobsen, and the PBA's Randy Petersen calls the play-by-play in Silver Strike Bowling.

IT's sales hotline is (800) 262.0323, ext. 106.

Topic: Music and Games Features

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