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Issue Date: Vol. 49, No.2, February 2009, Posted On: 3/2/2009

Andamiro Predicts Fruitful Sales Of Timely Redemption Games

Larisa Jayne Shewczyk
Andamiro U.S.A., Fruit Party, Timing, redemption games

Andamiro U.S.A. Corp. (Gardena, CA) has taken the wraps off two innovative redemption games, developed to appeal to the modern player while offering proven play formats.

Fruit Party is described as a coin-drop ticket redemption game that "revolutionizes the aged concept of pusher games." It encourages consecutive credit insertions by increasing potential winnings as play progresses.

The game has four stations, accommodating as many players, who release coins onto a revolving circular playfield, attempting to knock down high-value targets placed around the perimeter. Doing this successfully lights up the segment in which that target resides, and the successful player is alerted that he or she has contributed to "party time." The players' goal is to light up all seven segments on the field, and the patron that hits the final target becomes the "jackpot challenger," as does any player who lit up two or more segments.

During the challenge, one or two segments will flash, and the jackpot challengers attempt to hit these. Also during this stage, all players are rewarded double for any target hit, motivating them to insert multiple coins with the potential of large ticket rewards.

The involved and exciting play style is paired with a vibrant and flashy cabinet, accented with images of fruit and tropical design elements, and upbeat audio and light effects.

Also new is Timing, a game that challenges players to "undermine gravity" and learn to rely on their intuition and instincts to succeed.

After inserting credit, a countdown sequence prefaces a ball dropping. The goal is to press a button that activates a mechanical catcher at the most opportune time - with the potential of catching and inserting the ball into one of five slots that are each assigned ticket values, one of which is the "big win" slot. This activates jackpot mode, and players are challenged to hit a designated slot to earn the big payout.

A brightly painted cabinet and vivid flashing lights add to the game's appeal, and operators can adjust payouts and percentaging.

Information can be had from Andamiro distributors, or Satinder Bhutani at (310) 767-5800, ext. 102, or satinb@andamirousa.com.

Topic: Music and Games Features

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