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Issue Date: Vol. 43, No. 11, November 2003, Posted On: 10/29/2003

Oct. 29, 2003: Texas Eight-Liners Raids; Triotech Starts New Financing Program And Names UK Distributor; AMOA-Fun Expos Date Correction

Massive Texas Eight-Liner Sting Nets 32 Suspects

KINGSVILLE, TX - Over 100 county, state and federal officers carried out simultaneous raids on four eight-liner locations here on Oct. 25. Officials arrested 32 people for suspicion of "engaging in organized criminal activity." Seized were more than 605 eight-liners, plus $232,000 in cash , "the largest-ever payoff for such a sting" in the Lone Star State, according to the San Antonio Express-News. Officials said 11 more gaming-style locations in the city, population 25,000, were warned they could be raided next; these sites so far have closed their doors voluntarily. The Texas Supreme Court decreed on April 3 that awarding gift certificates to winners of eight-liner games is the same as paying off in cash, and that eight-liners offering such prizes are therefore illegal gambling devices. The Amusement and Music Operators of Texas, however, says that properly operated eight-liners remain legal. Kingsville police, who did not participate in the raids, said the law remains unclear regarding charitable use of eight-liners. Prior to the raids, the city had anticipated collecting almost $1 million in eight-liner license fees this year.


Triotech Amusement Launches New Leasing Program; Names London-Based Company As Exclusive Distributor For British Isles

LAVALTRIE, QC, Canada , Triotech Amusement is offering a new customer financing opportunity through Advantage Leasing. Distributors can now offer customers a payment plan for "Mad Wave Motion Theater." Terms of the lease are 24 months with $200 down and $99 per month for the first five months through participating distributors on approved credit. Inquiries can be directed to: Ward McConnell at Advantage Leasing care at tel. (800) 692-7255. Overseas, Triotech has followed up its London Preview show launch of "Mad Wave Motion Theater" by naming United Distributing Co. as its exclusive distributor in the United Kingdom and Ireland. UDC chairman Derek Horwood and sales vice-president Michael Green say the two countries hold "enormous potential" for the Triotech's "Mad Wave" and "Ballistics" motion simulators.


2004 AMOA-Fun Expos Run Thursday Through Saturday

ITASCA, IL , Earlier this week we reported that the Amusement and Music Operators Association has shifted to new dates for the 2004 edition of the AMOA International Expo. The new dates are Thursday, Sept. 30, through Saturday, Oct. 2, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas (not from Tuesday to Thursday, as we previously reported). Ahead of the Times is happy to set the record straight.



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