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Issue Date: Vol. 49, No.6, June 2009, Posted On: 6/10/2009

GOT LOCS? New Client-Finding Service Redefines Locator

Hank Schlesinger
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LAS VEGAS -- Lee Park is out to change the way many operators think about locating services. As the executive sales director of Got Locs? (as in "got locations?"), which has been in business for nearly two decades, he estimates the company has placed equipment for operators in tens of thousands of locations across the country. The company works with those who offer bulk vending, coin-op amusements, ATMs and wireless Internet service.

However, it is not just the volume of locations the company has found for operators that Park sees as its selling point. While new locations are generally always welcomed, it is the consulting aspect of his organization that Park promotes as essential to success.

"The most important question is absorption," he explained. "What can a company effectively handle? So let's say an operator has large aspirations. He wants 1,000 new accounts for arcade games -- but he only has two employees and no capacity to effectively take care of those 1,000 new accounts. He's in over his head. So the first thing we figure out is what they can effectively absorb."

To do this, Park and his team first assess the operator's current equipment inventory, its local competitors and its merchandising programs to establish realistic growth goals. The Got Locs? team, which works on a commission, then begins selling into locations in the operator's market.

"We're a turnkey operation," Park said, "and we work fast. We go in as a team, all seven sales people, and work together as a team. We handle the equipment ourselves, install it for the operator and negotiate contracts according to the operator's parameters."

A typical negotiation for the Got Locs? team might include 60" of floor space by a door, with the operator choosing how to fill it. Park explained that he recently helped a Los Angeles operator grow from 500 accounts to 1,000 nearly overnight. "He set the parameters and we matched or exceeded them," Park said.

Park also touts the creativity of his firm, pointing to a recent job in Chicago for a bulk vending operator.

"The operator warned me that I'd see something I never saw before," he said. "He said, 'It's difficult to get into any location with under a 40% commission.' My first day on the street, at one o'clock in the afternoon, I had 12 solid accounts in my back pocket and the average commission was 20%."

Park credits innovation as the element necessary to acquire and maintain accounts with reasonable commissions.

"We're innovators and we're creative about how we do business," he said. "That may mean adding an operator's equipment in with location-owned equipment, or making a deal for the operator to supply product for location-owned equipment in instead of commission."

It's this type of creativity, Park explained, that can save operators in the short and long runs. "I just want to get them to stop giving away all their money," he said.

Got Locs? is located in Las Vegas. Call (702) 885-7469.

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