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Issue Date: Vol. 47, No.11, November 2007, Posted On: 11/19/2007

A&A Establishes In-House Testing Facility To Ensure Safety Of Bulk-Vended Products

COCKEYSVILLE, MD — A&A Global Industries has become the first supplier in the bulk vending industry to establish an in-house testing laboratory aimed at assuring that products meet or exceed regulatory child safety standards.

Company officials said the new lab provides an additional level of protection to the firm’s already stringent safety protocols, which include checks on secondary suppliers, pre- and post-production testing, pre-shipment inspections and random assessments that can take place at any time during the manufacturing process.     

“Effective immediately, all of our products must pass through our in-house lab, regardless if those products could or could not potentially contain any toxic elements on the surface coating or substrate. This way we will know that all of our products are safe,” said A&A’s Brian Kovens. “Every container will be inspected and tested – and that includes random quantities from every item in every container shipped to either our Baltimore headquarters or our California facility. We are also retroactively going to test our existing inventory to insure our safety requirements are met on every product we distribute.”

This process, explained Kovens, provides both the company and its customers another level of comfort and security knowing that A&A’s products either meet or exceed all governmental regulations and have passed through the most rigorous testing program possible.

The new lab, which is already up and running, will be fully operational in a few weeks. It employs state-of-the-art equipment and follows the same testing protocols set by professional labs and certified testing facilities. The company will be able to detect substances such as barium, lead, cadmium, antimony, selenium, chromium, mercury and arsenic, among others. Although products will be quarantined while awaiting lab results, Kovens pointed out that the process will not delay product shipments.

“We’ve invested an extensive amount of time and money into our safety program for everyone involved in the vending industry – our company, our customers and children.  As a family-owned business, we strongly believe that there is no expense too great when it comes to ensuring the health and safety of the public,” Kovens summed up.

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