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Issue Date: Vol. 50, No. 7, July 2010, Posted On: 7/4/2010

EVA Circulates Plastic-Cup Benefits Fact Sheet To Vending Employees

Tim Sanford
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BRUSSELS -- The Cup Committee of the European Vending Association has prepared a fact sheet highlighting the positive aspects of plastic cups. It's designed for distribution to people employed in the industry.

The informative piece explains that plastic cups, which are widely used in vending, have many intrinsic advantages, especially in workplaces and public venues. They are economical, sanitary and convenient, contributing to workforce morale and productivity.

EVA also has prepared a Web page that presents the positive side of plastic cups in vending. Among the advantages enumerated in this discussion are the saving of energy and water that can be realized by replacing return-to-service ware (like ceramic mugs) with disposable cups that do not require washing, and the collateral hygienic benefit; the ease of recycling plastic cups into a wide variety of useful products ranging from benches and flowerpots to pens and rulers; and the growing role of plastic cups in energy recovery.

Since plastic vend cups are made from polystyrene plastic, not polycarbonate, they are free of bisphenol-A, EVA explained. Neither do they contain natural rubber (latex), to which some people are allergic, and they conform to all laws and regulations governing food contact material. They are lightweight, they do not shatter and they prevent workplace disputes over dirty and misappropriated mugs.

EVA reports that it also is working on a project to enhance the environmental friendliness of plastic cups.

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