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Vol. 43, No. 8 August 2003

Vending Features
Attention To Categories Can Build Volume, Profits In Snack Vending
Tim Sanford
PITTSBURGH - Vending operators, perhaps more than other retailers, have been engaged in "category management" for well over half a century. The first multiple-column candy machine created the opportunity to increase sales by appealing to a wider variety of tastes. To take advantage of that opportunity, vendors had to choose among chocolate and a range of non-chocolate candies, and soon had to deal with vertically packaged cookies, bagged nuts, crackers and snack cakes.

NAMA Board Takes Position On Countering Obesity
CHICAGO - The National Automatic Merchandising Association's Board of Directors has adopted a formal policy on the issue of food and health. The action was taken because the board believes that this issue is likely to have a substantial effect on the industry in the years ahead.

Victor Lavay, VENDING TIMES CEO And Cofounder, Dies
OCEANSIDE, NY, August 11 -- Victor Herbert Lavay, chief executive officer of VENDING TIMES, died today after a brief illness. He was 78.

Music and Games Features
Motion Simulators: Good Things Come In Smaller Packages, Too
Marcus Webb
U.S.A. - The amusement simulation and attractions market is undergoing a bumpy, yet promising, ride these days. Despite departures from the industry by some high-profile manufacturers, the sector as a whole continues on a positive upward path. Ruthless competitive pressures are gradually eliminating the also-rans. Meanwhile, top manufacturers in this niche offer successively new levels of excellence, at relatively more affordable prices.

Music Industry, Operators Adapt To Dueling Formats, CD And Online
Marcus Webb
U.S.A. - The three most important numbers in the music industry right now may be 800 million , unit sales of CDs in America in 2002; $44 million , the estimated size of today's paid downloading music market; and one million , the number of songs sold by Apple's "iTunes" online store during its first week of business.

Bulk Vending
Licensed Products Continue To Gain Market Share In Bulk Vending Channel
Hank Schlesinger
U.S.A. - Take an obscure comic strip in a specialty automotive magazine and license its characters for bulk vending. What do you get? The answer, of course, is one of the best-selling products in the history of the bulk vending industry: "Homies."

Q&A With Charles Riotto: Licensing Continues To Make Strides As New Trends Emerge
Hank Schlesinger
NEW YORK CITY - While licensed bulk vending products account for only a tiny fraction of these sales, it is worth noting that some of the best-selling products over the past few years have been licensed. VT's Hank Schlesinger catches up with Charles Riotto, president of the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association (LIMA).

Editorial: Vending
School Vending: The Facts
Tim Sanford

Editorial: Music and Games
The Jukebox Industry Deserves Confidence
Marcus Webb

Vic Lavay: Report from Wall Street
Kraft Foods Inc.


Ahead of the Times: Vending
A&B Vending Pacts To Buy CC Vending In Laconia, NH

Canteen Services Acquires Fisher Automatic In Ohio

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