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Vol. 49, No.1, January 2009

Music and Games Features
TOP MUSIC & GAMES STORIES (Jan. 2): RIAA Changes Policing Strategies; Former AMOA Prexies Lead Fundraiser; Industry-Associated Lawfirm Expands; Photo-Me Rolls Out Dance Heads…

Recording Industry Association of America ends five-year campaign of infringement lawsuits against individuals who download songs illegally… Two former AMOA presidents spearhead efforts to raise $20,000 to support former AMOA board director Bob Young… Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal expands… Photo-Me brings Dance Heads to ATEI 2009… and more…

TOP MUSIC & GAMES STORIES (Jan. 6): Army Spotlights Viddies In Recruitment Center; SD Video Lottery Dilemma; Juke-Pick Fatality

New $13 million U.S. Army recruitment center uses videogames to teach potential soldiers… South Dakota finds video-lottery paper trails difficult to follow… Argument about jukebox song leads to fatal bar brawl…

Upfront with the Publisher
NEW YEAR, NEW LOOK: Necessity Is The Mother Of Reinvention
Alicia Lavay

VENDING TIMES isn’t exactly launching a new publication, but we are reinventing ourselves to keep pace with an evolving industry. Our new slogan, “the industry is changing and we are, too” will be evident in all we do. Our redesign will be complemented by our well-respected coverage of the vending, coffee service, contract foodservice, music, games and bulk vending industries, and will deliver all the news to which you are accustomed… by Alicia Lavay-Kertes

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