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Vol. 53, No. 4, April 2013

Vending Features
AprivaPay Mobile POS Payment App Addresses Small Business Needs
Emily Jed

Former Vending Employee Who Became Corrections Officer Pleads Guilty To Stealing $8,000 From Next Generation's Machines
Emily Jed
A man has been convicted of stealing more than $8,000 from vending machines in the greater Boston area owned by Next Generation Vending LLC...

Hostess Gets Green Light To Sell Drake's, Remaining Bread Brands, Moves To Complete Liquidation
Emily Jed
Hostess Brands Inc. has obtained U.S. Bankruptcy Court approval to sell its Drake's snack cake business and its remaining bread brands in two separate transactions totaling approximately $58.4 million. It has now obtained court approval for all five previously announced transactions totaling approximately $860 million...

Questions and Answers | W. ERIC DELL
Emily Jed
The National Automatic Merchandising Association's new government affairs official is climbing the stairs on Capitol Hill with great enthusiasm. Washington-based W. Eric Dell, who assumed the position of senior vice-president of government affairs on Jan. 2, also confronts one of the most challenging times for the vending industry. VT's Emily Jed recently caught up with Dell to discuss the goings-on of the vending industry's political machine...

OneShow: The Place To Find Answers
Tim Sanford
The National Automatic Merchandising Association's OneShow is a once-a-year opportunity to seek out answers to questions that gradually take shape about the roles that new concepts and new technology can play. This is one of the irreplaceable benefits provided by industry conventions, and its worth has been proven over time... by Tim Sanford

Music and Games Features
Florida Governor Signs Anti-Sweeps Café Law, Possibly Outlawing Standard Features Of Legitimate Amusements
Nick Montano
On April 10, Gov. Rick Scott signed a law aimed at closing storefront online gambling operations known as Internet or sweepstakes cafés across Florida. To pressure the closure of the cafes, HB 155 states that prize-awarding machines cannot accept bills or smart cards, nor can they award gift cards or prizes deemed greater than 75¢ in value...

Ideal Unveils WorkerBee Cloud-Based Route Management Software
Nick Montano
Ideal WorkerBee's game-tracking feature allows operators to input machine data to the cloud through a smartphone or tablet for storage, reporting, forecasting and more...

Unis's Pirate's Hook Makes U.S. And Russian Debut
Tim Sanford
Making its debut on two continents is Universal Space's Pirate's Hook, a two-player video redemption piece that challenges patrons to turn a hand-crank to lower a hook and snare valuable fish...

Editorial: Music and Games
The Sin Tax Threat
Marcus Webb
Last year, after a deranged shooter committed mass murder at a movie theater in Aurora, CO, that town's mayor told reporters he was thinking about calling for a ban on violent videogames and maybe imposing sin taxes on them. This ongoing story carries important lessons for the entire music and games industry... by Marcus Webb

Trade Show Takeaway: Back To Normal
Hank Schlesinger
Another year, another show. There is something to be said for viewing an industry through the lens of annual gatherings. Some observations about the NBVA's collocation with Amusement Expo... by Hank Schlesinger

Bulk Vending and Crane Products
April 2013's Spotlight on Product for Bulk Vending, Cranes and Redemption

Coffee Service News
PrairieFire Coffee Roasters' Jeff Deitchler Receives NAMA's Top OCS Honor
Emily Jed
Jeff Deitchler is general manager of PrairieFire Coffee Roasters, a Wichita, KS-based roaster and OCS provider with more than 7,000 customers in seven Midwest states...

Guest Columns
Adding A Customer Service Rep Boosts Client Retention
By Len Rashkin
In some of my past articles I have covered customer service in the context of providing better equipment and Len Rashkin

Considering Options: When And How To Increase Prices
By Tom Britten
For many vending operators who have not done so already, price increases might be inevitable this year. Operators can go about raising prices several ways, but they should also take a close look at how margins can be improved at current pricing levels... by Tom Britten

Honesty Might Be The Best Policy, But Suspicion Is A Valuable Adjunct
By Kevin Daw
This little parable might serve as advice to any young salesperson involved in demonstrating a product. You just can't be too careful... by Kevin Daw

Water Usually Needs Work To Deliver Quality Beverages
By Matt Greenwald
Regardless of the method of delivering a beverage -- fresh ground, capsules, espresso, instant, you name it -- the common denominator among them all is water. While the process of water purification is very complex, it's important for OCS and vending operators to understand some basics... by Matt Greenwald

Upfront with the Publisher
First Rule Of Engagement: Engage!
Alicia Lavay
We've said it before, but it bears repeating: there's real value in an industry-specific exhibit, and the need for face-to-face interaction has never been more important. A trade show does not have to attract huge crowds to be worthwhile; what's needed is a solid core of substantial buyers... by Alicia Lavay

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