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Vending News & Features

Italian police have reportedly busted a crime ring that was allegedly importing counterfeit coins from China...
A two-way bitcoin ATM has been placed the new Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) in California's Orange County. Located inside Mission Market Express in the station's Grand Foyer, ZenBox gives the station's 10,000-plus daily commuters a familiar way to acquire digital currency...
The National Automatic Merchandising Association was among the leaders in providing the Mint with information about the effects of such a change, and began its coin awareness campaign five years ago...
Mini-Dollar Stores sell merchandise that vary in shape, size and functionality through automated retailing systems...

Coffee Service News

Officials of the regional office coffee service organization, founded in 1983, said they have chosen to discontinue due to industry consolidation that has reduced its potential membership ranks...
Beginning in January, New Jersey's Corporate Essentials will expand its menu to include more than 60 different products from Mother Parker Tea & Coffee's RealCup single-serve portion-pack portfolio...

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Like traditional retail stores, the emerging micromarket is now dealing with the one out of every 11 visitors who shoplift regularly in American stores. Vending operators, who run the majority of self-checkout micromarkets, do not possess the generations of experience -- and battle scars -- that traditional retailers have in dealing with shoplifters....by Mark Manney
Customers must perceive the pricing in vending, micromarkets and foodservice to be fair relative to what they think the price should be for any product. This perception can be based on a variety of factors. (This is the second article in a three-part series)... by Jerry McVety
In some of my past articles, I have emphasized that if you are going to make the sale, you have to conduct a full survey of the breakroom. Once you have broken the ice with the decision-maker, immediately explain that you would like to see their coffee break area... by Len Rashkin
The National Automatic Merchandising Association has wisely created a “young executives” committee, which restricts attendance at its sessions to industry members under 40 years of age...by Kevin Daw

Coin-Op Music & Games

LoonyTIX introduces IT's new "videmption" game cabinet, dubbed IMPACT. It is designed for player approachability and easy maintenance [video]
--press release
The international Table Soccer Federation voted to sanction Valley-Dynamo's Tornado foosball for the federation's tournaments worldwide. Tornado thus becomes ITSF's fifth official table."We are very proud to again be associated with ITSF," said Valley-Dynamo owner Kelye Stites...

Bulk Vending News & Features

Just in case you haven't noticed, gas prices are continuing to drop. The latest report shows that under-$2-a-gallon gas is now available in at least 13 states. And three states -- Louisiana, Ohio, and Oklahoma -- have reported prices under $1.90 a gallon. Can bulk and amusement operators rejoice? by Hank Schlesinger
Embracing the "urban-store" concept, retailers like Target, Wal-Mart and Lowes are moving aggressively into small format stores. What this means for bulk vending operators remains to be seen...

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Have you noticed that the once-overused phrase "information overload" has fallen out of favor? It's become unfashionable and outdated... by Hank Schlesinger
The industry conversation about micromarkets is addressing the questions that the new segment will need to answer if it is to develop into a durable and expanding segment of the retailing business... by Tim Sanford
The refusal of a number of major retailers to accommodate the new Apple Pay mobile payment system has gotten a lot of media attention. I've been very interested in the ongoing discussion, since most of it relates to important long-term strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for the vending and amusements industry... by Alicia Lavay

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Video and camera technology is used in a wide range of vending machines from food and beverage-type dispensers to ticketing kiosks and ATMs. Applications range from video security to prevent damage and theft, to uses of cameras as an intrinsic part of the transaction, such as reading barcodes or QR codes for access control... by Steve Heard, sponsored by IDS
In January, I had the opportunity to attend one of the world's best playgrounds for a technology fan like myself. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been a technology tradition since 1967 and has never been open to the public -- industry only. Speakers such as Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Cisco CEO John Chambers, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, amongst others, share their visions of the future with 150,000 gamers, fanboys, geeks, freaks and tech industry types from all over the world | by Joseph Hessling, Sponsored by 365 Retail Markets

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