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Vending News & Features

The National Automatic Merchandising Association has announced the winners of its 2015 Industry Awards. Hershey's Mark Dieffenbach is Industry Person of the Year...
The Randolph-Sheppard Vendors of America kicked off its partnership with HUMAN and released its white paper at its annual Sagebrush educational conference this year at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas...
Not too long ago, the nation's blind and visually impaired vending operators feared they'd be regulated out of business. When nutritional mandates dictating what they could sell in their machines at government facilities began multiplying two years ago, many blind vendors understandably reacted defensively. While the mandates haven't gone away, and vendors are no more fond of them than they were, the good news is that many of those impacted are finding their customers clamoring for more wholesome options. And blind vendors have found they can remain profitable while providing them..
The deal was engineered by billionaire Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway and Brazilian investment firm 3G Capital, which are investing $10 billion in the combined company. It will be called The Kraft Heinz Co. and generate about $28 billion in annual revenues...
The National Automatic Merchandising Association’s educational program at its upcoming OneShow annual convention and exhibit will feature a first look at the latest research findings of three brand-new studies...

Coffee Service News

More than three-quarters of Americans drink coffee, according to new research from the National Coffee Association, placing it as America's top daily beverage choice next to water...
K-­Cup inventor John Sylvan says he regrets ever creating the non­recyclable coffee capsules, which are piling up in landfills...
Freshly brewed specialty coffee is an opportunity many micromarket operators underestimate. Those who have established successful hot beverage programs in their self-checkout stores say coffee is a top seller that drives loyal, repeat traffic and generates incremental sales. A panel of operators discuss their approaches to selling fresh-brewed coffee in their micromarkets and why it should be a mainstay...

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Great tasting coffee at competitive pricing has always been the staple product that opens the doors to new potential clients and keeps our current customers from leaving... by Len Rashkin
Over the years, governments have always stuck their collective noses deep into the business of business. Sadly, through lack of forethought, or just a lack of business sense and knowledge, things can go badly awry, and the "unintended consequences" demon can rear its ugly head in surprising fashion to wreak havoc on those whose industry is pinned beneath Big Brother's watchful eye... by Kevin Daw
So, when did the "coffee break" begin? This is for all of you under 50, who may not know how your industry first began. For the coffee service veterans, this may be a bit nostalgic... by Len Rashkin
For this article of 2015, I thought we would take a look back at 2014 and especially at Arabica coffee futures, which had a crazy run-up based almost exclusively on speculation that, with a severe drought affecting Brazil for much of the year, supplies might run short, making coffee more scarce, and therefore more valuable...by Kevin Daw

Coin-Op Music & Games

Bandai Namco reports that production of the new Star Wars: Battle Pod is now under way, and the new arcade games will be shipping in March...
Airport travelers waiting for their bags can pass the time playing classic videogames with all the money going benefiting the Swedish Red Cross...
Much of new the new Team Play game's appeal results from its tight integration of classic, contemporary and cutting-edge technologies. Each element required the creative application of specialized engineering skill sets to merge disparate technologies seamlessly -- and make it look easy...
The new app is an amusement industry first, allowing players to compete head-to-head on their smartphones with a player at a coin-op version of the game...
The organizers of this year's European Amusement and Gaming International Expo report that the event was a hit with exhibitors. Sponsored by the British Amusement Catering Trade Association, EAG was held in conjunction with the new Visitor Attraction Expo sponsored by the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions...
An over-sized tribute to classic videogame art projected onto Hong Kong’s tallest building during one of the world’s premier contemporary art shows...

Bulk Vending News & Features

The vending machine manufacturer, which has remained stubbornly tightlipped, says its new vender will add additional product categories to the bulk channel...
The Internet Crime Complaint Center, known as IC3, has identified a new scam targeting companies doing business with overseas suppliers. Called the Business Email Compromise...
The labor dispute had caused major disruptions in the supply chains of imported merchandise, including capsule novelties, plush items and toy fashion accessories, among other vendable merchandise...

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The full-line vending industry spent more than four decades perfecting the "full-house" single-cup fresh brew coffee machine and adapting it to customer preferences. The time has come to look at new ways to use it... by Tim Sanford
Amusement and music operators today have nearly all the pieces they need to play a central role in tomorrow's personally networked world. The tricky part will be to assemble those pieces into services so ubiquitous that they blend seamlessly into daily experience... by Hank Schlesinger
Operators often complain when someone appears to violate their exclusive right to serve an account, and the industry can be a happier and more tranquil place if they recognize that suppliers may feel the same way... by Alicia Lavay

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Video and camera technology is used in a wide range of vending machines from food and beverage-type dispensers to ticketing kiosks and ATMs. Applications range from video security to prevent damage and theft, to uses of cameras as an intrinsic part of the transaction, such as reading barcodes or QR codes for access control... by Steve Heard, sponsored by IDS
In January, I had the opportunity to attend one of the world's best playgrounds for a technology fan like myself. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been a technology tradition since 1967 and has never been open to the public -- industry only. Speakers such as Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Cisco CEO John Chambers, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, amongst others, share their visions of the future with 150,000 gamers, fanboys, geeks, freaks and tech industry types from all over the world | by Joseph Hessling, Sponsored by 365 Retail Markets

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