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PepsiCo said it will begin purchasing new HFC-free equipment in 2015. The beverage giant has reportedly begun to phase out HFCs in its equipment outside of the U.S., buying since 2009 more than 290,000 HFC-free equipment units, which use an insulation foam that doesn’t contain the harmful chemical...
A company calling itself PWRStop is reportedly deploying vending machines stocked with electronic accessories in centrally located, heavy travel areas...
The easy-to-navigate guide groups beverages into categories, including water, juice, low and no-calorie drinks, and indicates whether each drink can be sold in elementary, middle or high schools...
AprivaPay Plus v3.0 offers analytics capabilities to brands and enhanced reporting features to merchants through an online Web companion portal, along with compatibility for iPhone 6/iOS8 and ADA regulations...
The company formerly known as Cephas Holing Corp. is targeting Nashua and Manchester for the initial ATM locations in bitcoin-friendly New Hampshire...
Tokenization is the latest security measure being implemented by the credit card industry to protect cardholder information, as data breaches at major U.S. retailers continue to make headlines and worry consumers...
An accelerating stream of transaction data is giving micromarket suppliers a wealth of information that's helped them refine merchandising, operational and marketing tactics to help operators maximize profitability. A principal objective is leveraging new technologies that connect operators and their stores to today's mobile consumers. Avanti's Jim Brinton and 365 Retail's Joseph Hessling share their experiences as two of the largest suppliers of micromarkets...

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--press release
Concordia's equipment is used by convenience store, hotel, restaurant chain and institutional customers. The company reportedly generates approximately $15 million in annual revenues...

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The success and rapid growth of the micromarket concept has prompted an ongoing discussion of whether the self-service facilities should be classified as vending, convenience stores or employee breakrooms. The majority of states and localities are treating micromarkets as retail food establishments... by Jerry McVety
Let's look at two real-world sales presentation scenarios used to sell office coffee services. To use the trial closing statement method, you must ask the decision-maker questions throughout the presentation to determine his or her level of interest... by Len Rashkin
When the market does what the market has been doing over the first half of this year, I get lots of calls asking for my opinion about where we are headed next... by Kevin Daw
A Captive is a property and casualty insurance company (P&C Co.) created by a business under Section 831(b) of the Internal Revenue Code to provide a broad range of risk management capabilities. Basically, it insures risks a P&C Co. does not... by Irv Blackman

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Amusement Expo and the Laser Tag Museum sign agreement to host the 2015 Laser Tag Convention in Las Vegas alongside the amusement show, Mar. 24-26. Plans call for a combined trade show, and separate education tracks for laser tag developers and operators...
Samsung announced a joint project with the virtual reality company Oculus VR. According to company officials, the yearlong effort resulted in a product called Samsung Gear VR...
--press release
Edel Sunaba employs a specially formulated nonstick sand-like substance as the controller, coupled with sensors mounted inside the enclosed play area, and high-tech projected graphics...
he 1,000th unit is expected to roll off the production line soon...
Taptvtonight.com attempts to engage and inform Tap TV players...

Bulk Vending News & Features

Fans of Gru and his minions may have to wait another three years before the next "Despicable Me" opens in theaters, but they can now satisfy their craving for "Despicable" stuff at vending machines...
Are you ready for Hello Kitty mania of the artistic variety? The ubiquitous pop culture character is being honored by a pair of high-profile art shows in the coming months...
Demographics is destiny in retailing, and this truism is being demonstrated by contemporary shopping centers. One of the fastest-growing trends in malls and shopping centers is the Latino-centric experience. For bulk vending and amusement operators, this trend could hold promise for revitalizing routes...

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The first practical and widely used vending machines sold gum, often in the guise of "sales stimulators" that allowed patrons to purchase a sample of something for a penny to help them decide whether to buy a quarter-pound of it. The vending machine since has proven to be a very effective tool for getting consumers to try something new before incurring the expense of a major retail rollout... by Tim Sanford
Not too long ago you could make a good profit in bulk vending simply by being lucky. Success only required basic arithmetic skills and the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time -- but that's no longer the case... by Hank Schlesinger
Micromarkets are very new, and there is a tendency for people to speak of them in terms of things with which they're already familiar: "A self-service convenience store in your location." This has the advantage of painting a picture for the prospective client, but I think it's misleading... by Alicia Lavay

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In January, I had the opportunity to attend one of the world's best playgrounds for a technology fan like myself. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been a technology tradition since 1967 and has never been open to the public -- industry only. Speakers such as Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Cisco CEO John Chambers, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, amongst others, share their visions of the future with 150,000 gamers, fanboys, geeks, freaks and tech industry types from all over the world | by Joseph Hessling, Sponsored by 365 Retail Markets
Andy Franklin of ShelfX, maker of the Vending Fridge, explores how digitally connected weight-sensing shelves are revolutionizing the traditional vending machine | Sponsored by ShelfX
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