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Vending News & Features

PepsiCo said it will be dropping aspartame from Diet Pepsi, and replacing it with sucralose, another artificial sweetener known as Splenda, in the United States. The move is reportedly in response to customer health concerns and plunging sales of Pepsi products...
24/7 Pizza Box is outfitted with a 24" touchscreen on which customers make their selections from two choices (typically plain and pepperoni) and pay using cash, credit or debit card, or a mobile payment like Apple Pay. ..
Under terms of the agreement, Absolute will purchase Rainbow's existing vending, office coffee and pure water route businesses. Financial terms were not disclosed...
A vending patron can select a flavor, cup size and topping from a touchscreen menu, then watch their TCBY frozen treat dispensed into the cup...
The National Automatic Merchandising Association has been working with its affiliated state councils to invigorate their advocacy efforts. Two associations that recently conducted such meetings are the Texas Merchandise Vending Association and the Mid-America Automatic Merchandising Council...
--press release
--press release
Congressman Luis V. Gutiérrez (D-IL) introduced the Put a Woman on the Twenty Act, a bill calling for the image of a woman's portrait to be displayed on the $20 note...
New addition to PayRange's mobile payment solution allows consumers to view and redeem offers instantly using a mobile device at the vending machine [press release]
USA Technologies said Southern Refreshment Services is increasing deployment of its services to 1,000 additional vending locations and to micromarkets. The agreement builds on a 10-year relationship between the two companies...

Coffee Service News

Beans in the new Workday Roast contain inherent compounds that, when exposed to water, produce a slow exothermic reaction, allowing the coffee to maintain an optimum 160°F drinking temperature for an entire workday...

Foodservice News

The government wants to hear from the public before revisions to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans become official and is accepting comments through May 8...

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Ask yourself this question: "Why do you buy a drill?" The obvious answer: "To drill a hole." Now ask yourself: "Why did you get in to business?" While answers can vary, no business can survive, let alone thrive, without making a profit. Profits are the drill for our business, and micromarkets have evolved to become the preferred tool to grow those profits to unseen levels... by Patrick McMullen
One of the most challenging parts of running a coffee service business is hiring and training your sales staff, and that is our topic for this column... by Len Rashkin
I recently bought an extra-large cup of coffee at a convenience store. I know, I know: what was I thinking? I was thinking that I could kill two birds with one stone as I needed gas, and secondly, my iPhone reported that the nearest Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts were both a bit too far out of the way; yet I still desperately wanted a coffee... by Kevin Daw
Great tasting coffee at competitive pricing has always been the staple product that opens the doors to new potential clients and keeps our current customers from leaving... by Len Rashkin

Coin-Op Music & Games

A bill that draws a distinct line between coin-op amusement devices and gambling sailed through the Florida State Senate this week. Approved 39-1 on April 23, the proposed law clarifies the definition between the two machine categories.
The manufacturer says its kiddie ride ushers in an era of new technology and operator features that make the kiddie ride business profitable and enjoyable...
Coast to Coast Entertainment LLC reports that its new Duck Catcher and Frog Catcher cranes have enjoyed great early success on location, and attracted favorable attention at the recent Amusement Expo in Las Vegas...
The bill that Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signed into law could prohibit spending welfare money in number of traditionally profitable coin-op locations...
Taubman's nationwide network of shopping mall properties was home to countless arcades during the Golden Age of videogames...

Bulk Vending News & Features

Even Downton Abbey characters can’t resist this. Measuring a compact 75" high x 91" wide x 19" deep, the Candy Shop takes up space comparable to a standard bulk vending rack with a similar number of heads...
Arizona's Global Gumball and Florida's Entervending LLC have teamed up to manufacture and distribute a new line of electronic bulk vending machines. The Electric Wizards can accept bills and coins, and support incremental pricing...

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I had the privilege to attend the F2FEC family entertainment center business conference in Phoenix, and the energy at the event was contagious... by Alicia Lavay
Crime is down across the board according to the latest statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. But anecdotal evidence shows a definite uptick in coin-op and vender crimes. ... by Hank Schlesinger
For as long as I can remember, product pricing has been a vexed topic in vending. The dramatic expansion of the vending industry began about six decades ago in an economy that was largely free from inflation (in 1955, the rate of inflation was around 0.4%) and the prices for items that could be sold through the vending machines of the day varied little from year to year... by Tim Sanford

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Video and camera technology is used in a wide range of vending machines from food and beverage-type dispensers to ticketing kiosks and ATMs. Applications range from video security to prevent damage and theft, to uses of cameras as an intrinsic part of the transaction, such as reading barcodes or QR codes for access control... by Steve Heard, sponsored by IDS
In January, I had the opportunity to attend one of the world's best playgrounds for a technology fan like myself. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been a technology tradition since 1967 and has never been open to the public -- industry only. Speakers such as Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Cisco CEO John Chambers, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, amongst others, share their visions of the future with 150,000 gamers, fanboys, geeks, freaks and tech industry types from all over the world | by Joseph Hessling, Sponsored by 365 Retail Markets

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